Want to learn about your spine?

Here are some facts that you might not know about your spine.

Your spine has over 120 muscles attached to it

This helps your spine to be so flexible and also allows us to use our spine in all different kinds of ways.

The cartilage in our spine can contract and expand

We are actually taller in the morning that when we go to bed; this is because gravity pushes down on our cartilage and causes it to contract throughout the day.

Your spine has a memory

Your spine will get used to your posture and remember it. This makes it harder for you to get out of the habit of having bad posture. However, once you have sorted out your posture, your spine will remember!

Around 80% of all British people will experience back pain within their lifetime

Most people will experience back pain within their lifetime, however only a small number of people will need to have surgery on their spine.

The spine is the first bone to develop

Did you know that the spine starts to develop 2 month after conception, and is the first set of bones to develop

We have the same number of vertebras in our spine as a giraffe

This is what helps us to have such a flexible neck!

Our spinal cord weighs around 35g

That’s around the same weight as a bag of skittles

Back pain is most common in our lower back

Our lower back is constantly twisting and turn, so is under the most pressure. It is also thought that lower back pain can be linked to evolution changes.

Your spine is extremely strong

Your spine can hold hundreds of kilograms on it

Each and every bone in our spine is unique

It consists of 7 bones in the neck, 12 in the upper back, 5 in the lower back and the sacral and coccygeal bones beneath


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