Imagine being told you might never walk again.

In 2015 Mike Farnsworth’s life changed forever. He was a fun-loving, energetic father who competed in triathlons and ran a busy company in Southwell, Nottinghamshire. Just before Christmas his world was turned upside down, affecting him and his entire family. 

Mike was involved in a head-on car accident, he was rescued from the vehicle by the fire brigade and was rushed to the nearest hospital for emergency, life-saving surgery.

When Mike woke up, he knew everything had changed. He had sustained injuries that meant he may never be able to walk again and he knew he would have a very long road to any sort of recovery. As you can imagine, with injuries so horrific the odds were not in Mike's favour.

He was eventually sent home to continue his recovery but Mike had ongoing, persistent problems and tremendous pain from his neck and back due to the accident. At this point, Mike decided to seek further medical help and was recommended to see Mr Masood Shafafy, Consultant Spinal Surgeon.

Following two complex, but very successful, spinal surgeries Masood Shafafy said “Mike's life ahead was going to be full of challenges. Whatever his goals or dreams, he was bound to encounter obstacles. Together we formulated an aftercare plan which included intensive physiotherapy and support which would help get Mike back to living his life and doing what he does best. I was just a small part to play in Mikes journey, he had so much determination in fulfilling his dreams and it has been incredible to watch his recovery to date".

Mike has defied all the odds and has not only has he made a full recovery after his accident, but he has also gone on to climb Kilimanjaro, walk the Inca trail and hiked across Scotland whilst raising thousands of pounds for his chosen charity, WaterAid. His courage, strength and determination has seen him through all of the challenges faced during his recovery and helped him to get back to doing what he loves. 

We would like to thank Mike Farnsworth for allowing us to share his story with the hope that people going through their own challenges will be inspired to keep working to overcome them and achieve the seemingly impossible. Keep up the great work!

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